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I have clearly taken the road less traveled – a road that has taken me many fascinating places along my career journey. In fact, I’m always up for a new challenge, and perhaps this is the only way to explain how I’ve become a scenic designer AND an IATSE qualified props carpenter AND a designer of educational exhibits (see suzituckerdesign/exhibits) AND the creator of an award-winning dance video AND that I’m also a former theoretical chemistry professor. Needless to say, I have an extensive and eclectic group of degrees, including a B.A. in chemistry, a second major in graphic and presentation design, and a chemistry Ph.D. Throughout all of these endeavors I have been driven by storytelling: even my Quantum Mecahnics lecture notes were said to "read like a mystery novel."

I have more than 15 years of design experience, and I’ve been designing and building within the Seattle Theater Community since 2009. I have enjoyed designing for many area theaters, including ACT, Centerstage!, Village Theatre KIDSTAGE, Cornish College of the Arts, Sound Theatre Company, and Theater Schmeater. Starting in 2011, I had the opportunity to get back to working with my hands and expand my scenic and props carpentry experience by working with Craig Wollam at Seattle Scenic Studios. I am now Staff Carpenter for Book-It, and I have built sets and props on the bounce for several other organizations, including ACT, Seattle Children's Theatre, and 5th Avenue Theatre.

Currently, I juggle scenic design, props artisan and scenic carpentry work with tutoring high school students in math and science. This means my life oscillates between fantastically over-full and just busy. During these latter times, I play guitar, take modern dance classes, pet my cats, enjoy ciders with friends, read, and explore the great outdoors; that is, when I’m not trying something new.

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